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Walleye in the Weeds: Summer time is here and just like your lawn the weeds in your favorite walleye lake are getting green and growing thick, attracting both bait and big walleye! As the weeds start to grow, they can be the BEST choice for catching numbers and big walleye all summer long.

TFAC - On The Water Thinking for More Success: One of my favorite saying’s is “fishing isn’t hard; but it is complicated”. The process of thinking on the water and making good decisions starts with a plan and the willingness to think on the water. Reacting to changes in weather, waves, current and other conditions is critical to fishing success and too many anglers stop thinking when they get on the water or as soon as they start to catch a few fish.

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Sonar Performance

Today’s fishing electronics can do things we never imagined just a decade or so ago. But for them to perform properly all day, they need enough clean, dedicated power

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Sonar Coverage Area

We all wish we had “eyes” under the water, but right now sonar will have to do. Most anglers have at least one sonar unit on their boat with traditional 2D sonar...


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Every walleye angler knows how effective jig fishing can be for walleye. Vertical jigging in current, casting jigs to shallow cover or working deep structure with a jig.

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Little things mean a lot when fishing, and the ONLY thing between you and the fish of a lifetime is the hook it has in its’ mouth!


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The Detroit River

Want to catch more fish on the Detroit River? Understanding how walleye move while in the river is the most important factor to staying on fish!


Weed Walleye

Fishing for walleye in the weeds is probably one of the most overlooked patterns by most walleye fishermen. Sure, some anglers that fish smaller inland lakes still hunt for walleye...

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Sonar Interpretation

You can’t catch fish if you’re not fishing where they are! Seems simple, but even today anglers will randomly head out to the lake or river, put some lures in the water and hope.

Definitive Electronics

When all of the off the water education is done, you will spend 3 hours on the boat with Captain Lance to actually see how the concepts taught apply when you are on the water.

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