January 2021

7 Steps to Trolling Success

I settled on the 8 steps in the early 2000’s and have taught it countless hundreds of times to countless thousands of anglers. The system is the foundation to EVERY decision I make on the water, from where and how deep to fish, to how fast to run and what my presentation should look like.

March 2021

Pre-Spawn, Spawn, Post-Spawn
This month Lance Valentine breaks down the walleye pre-spawn, walleye spawn and the walleye post-spawn. This video breaks down the important facts and what lays ahead for the month chasing the early walleye.

April 2021

Wind, Waves, and Current

What's happening this April at Teachin Fishin? Lance Valentine breaks down 3 major factors in catching more walleye. This video drops the content line up for the month and looking at how wind, waves and current effect your walleye fishing.

May 2021

Weed Walleye

Chasing and catching walleye in the weeds is teachin fishin's topic for May. Lance Valentine breaks down walleye, weeds and the why during May to help you cast, catch and boat more walleye by adding another tool to your box. 

June 2021

Peak Summer Walleye

June is a month of that can bring many challenges to walleye fishing, and fishing in general. Lance takes a look throughout the moth at Summer Peak Walleye Fishing to give you the tools to dial in your success.

July 2021

What is lead-core, why is it important and how do I use it for catching walleye? The month Lance Valentine lays out the low-down on lead-core and why it is an important tool to catching more walleye.

August 2021

Trolling Spread
August brings a discussion of the walleye trolling spread. Lance Valentine breaks down all the good stuff that is lined up for August as he tackles "Controlling your Spread" - being more efficient when trolling for walleye whether it is inland or on the great lakes.

September 2021

Summer to Fall Transition

October 2021

Trophy Fall Walleye

November 2021

Trophy Inland Fall Walleye

December 2021

Year in Review
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Membership Courses

Catching More & Bigger Fish
Introduction and application of the TF system/what the 8 steps are and how to use them to catch more fish/focus on the “why” of each step.
Walleye in Rivers - The Details
Walleye can be caught in rivers, big and small in the spring we focus on smaller and large rivers with presentations that work and new presentation ideas
Opening Day Walleye      
The focus is inland and non-Great Lakes early season walleye fishing, especially in marginal walleye waters including lakes and rivers
Wind Waves and Weather
Focus this month is on how the three W’s affect walleye movement all year, with an emphasis on spring to summer transition and how these play a vital role