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Connect with a community of anglers just like you! The Teachin Fishin Anglers Club is the best place to improve your fishing, meet new fishing friends, share fishing information and learn from some of the best anglers the country.


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Calendar year is defined as January 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023. Our content is available all calendar year, for example, if you join in March you have access to all prior 2023 months content. You will have access to all the calendar years content in recorded form.

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The 8 Steps Review

Introduction and application of the foundation of TF. What are the 8 steps, how do we use them to catch more fish, with a heavy focus on the “why” of each step.

Walleye In Rivers

How can we catch walleye's in rivers, with a focus on the spring. Smaller rivers along with large rivers looking at current presentations that work and tossing in some new presentation ideas

Opening Day Walleye

Focusing on inland and non-Great Lakes early season walleye fishing, especially in marginal walleye waters, looking at lakes and rivers. What changes from the great lakes and big rivers and why?