The 8 Steps Review

Introduction and application of the TF system/what the 8 steps are and how to use them to catch more fish/focus on the “why” of each step

Walleye In Rivers

How walleye can be caught in rivers, big and small in the spring/focus on smaller rivers along with large rivers/presentations that work/new presentation ideas

Opening Day Walleye

Focus on inland and non-Great Lakes early season fishing, especially in marginal walleye waters (lakes and rivers). Lots of Walleye to be caught
First Quarter

Jan. Feb. Mar.

Feature Course

Detroit River
You will learn Detroit River walleye movements, spawning habits and habitat, locations throughout the spring, key areas and the best presentations. Study the Master Class then join us for a LIVE Q&A.

Coffee Hour Plus

Live at 8pm

Join a group of anglers that enjoy learning fishing with short, focused courses. After the course, join in with a QA session and an open discussion of the current “fun” fishing topic.

Definitive Course

Detroit River
All of the Teachin Fishin digital content covering the Detroit River, the Detroit River Feature Course, additional study materials, waypoints AND an on the water session with Lance to bring the information to life.

Show Season Plus

Schedule & News