Detroit River Definitive Course

Course Available for viewing during the 2024 Calendar Year

The Definitive Detroit River course contains educational content focusing on the Detroit River that Captain Lance has presented over the last 25 years. We start out with almost 3-hours of seminars covering how walleye use different migration routes in and out of the river, walleye location and movement in the river from pre-spawn through post-spawn, how changes in Lake Erie effect pre-spawn migration to the Detroit River, and more.

Then we move to two timeless educational pieces specific to fishing the upper and lower Detroit River, Captain Lance’s “Where to” presentations that cover over 30 of Lance’s favorite spots on the Detroit River with a breakdown of each spot detailing why to fish it, when to fish it, the best depths, what to expect to catch there, photos of each spot and more.

Up next is Captain Lance’s seminar “Heavy Current Walleye”, everything you need to know to understand how walleye relate to current, locate in current, move in current and the best ways to catch walleye in heavy current.

As a bonus, the definitive course includes waypoint downloads for both HB and Lowrance, so you can fish the exact spots Captain Lance shares in the “Where to” presentations.

While viewing all of the video content, be sure to take good notes and jot down any questions you have, because Captain Lance will be available for a PRIVATE 90-minute LIVE STREAM Q&A on April 2nd. When all of the off the water education is done, you will spend 4 hours with Captain Lance on the Detroit River for an on the water river fishing lesson.

Beginning at Libra Marina in Wyandotte with 30 minutes at the dock for questions and discussion, then 3.5 hours on the river covering Captain Lance’s favorite spots, specific drifts, understanding bottom composition, using your electronics, boat control, basic presentations and more!

There are only be 4 on the water sessions available and with only 3 anglers per session, each angler will receive personal, hands-on instruction directly from Captain Lance in our direct, personalized approach to learning The Definitive way.