Trolling Definitive Course

Course Content Available for 2024 Calendar Year Only

The Teachin Fishin Trolling Definitive Course contains content that Captain Lance has presented over the past 25 years updated with some brand-new thoughts and applications for catching more and bigger fish while trolling.

We start with close to an hour of Captain Lance’s thoughts on trolling, trolling equipment, trolling plans and more. In this content, Captain Lance helps you understand the pieces of information you will need to get the most from this course, what to focus on and how to prepare to get the most out of the LIVE Q&A and the on the boat time.

Then we move on to five timeless educational pieces specific to the process of trolling. These pieces of content cover basic and advanced trolling, spoon fishing, spinner fishing and details on trolling crankbaits

Along with the video content, we have included easy access to Captain Lance’s library of blogs that cover all aspects of trolling. We have included close to a dozen blogs that Captain Lance has written over the years to help you understand all aspects of viewing

While viewing all of the video content and reading the blogs, be sure to take notes and jot down any questions you may have during our PRIVATE 90-minute LIVE STREAM Q&A on May 22 at 8pm. When all of the off the water education is done, you will spend 3 hours on the boat with Captain Lance to actually see how the concepts taught apply when you are on the water.

On the boat Captain Lance will run through everything you need to know to become a proficient troller including rods, reels, line, leaders and rigging setup. Then we move onto inline planer boards and diving devices then ending our “dockside” time with rigging your boat for trolling.

As we move onto the lake, the hands-on learning begins, as Captain Lance walks students through the physical process of rigging up, setting up lines, tuning crankbaits, setting a trolling spread and more.

If you are looking to improve your trolling game no matter where you fish, then the Teachin Fishin Trolling Definitive Course is something you need to attend! There are only 12 seats, during 4 on the water sessions and with 3 students on the boat with Captain Lance, there will be time for direct, personalized attention and hands on teaching, so you can learn to get the most from your electronics in the Teachin Fishin Definitive way.

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