The Slip Bobber

Captain Lance shares his years of experience fishing for walleye in the weeds, and passes on tips and secrets to help you become a proficient slip bobber fisherman.


Weed Walleye Crankbaits

Captain Lance learned walleye fishing is shallow, weed lakes, and he shares his experience on picking the right crankbaits for weed walleye, picking productive colors, the best rod and reel setups and more.

Harness Basics

Captain Lance covers the basics of crawler harness fishing from the parts you need to make a harness, bead options, choosing the right hooks and more.


Spinner Basics

Captain Lance shares his thoughts on size, shape and color of spinner blades so you can make the best choice next time you are pulling crawler harnesses for open-water walleye.

The Dirty Water Challange

Captain Lance breaks down what happens, how walleye react and why dirty water usually makes for a long day on the water and follows up with short course, 8 Adjustments for Dirty Water

8 Adjustments for Dirty Water

While fishing can become tough in dirty water, there are a few proven adjustments that can tip the odds in your favor and increase the number of fish you catch.


Talking Transducers with Chris Melena

Sonar is the key to finding fish, and finding fish is the first step to catching more fish.


Sonar Power for Performance

Today’s fishing electronics can do things we never imagined just a decade or so ago. But for them to perform properly all day, they need enough clean, dedicated power.

Sonar Coverage Area

We all wish we had “eyes” under the water, but right now sonar will have to do.



Little things mean a lot when fishing, and the ONLY thing between you and the fish of a lifetime is the hook it has in its’ mouth!


Every walleye angler knows how effective jig fishing can be for walleye. Vertical jigging in current, casting jigs to shallow cover or working deep structure with a jig.

Picking The Best Fishing Line

Focus is on types of fishing line walleye anglers should know and what lines is best for each presentation

Our 8 Steps

Do you want to be a more consistent angler? Using a “system” for making fishing decisions on and off the water is the fastest way you can improve your fishing success.

8 Steps: The Breakdown 

Why is each step important? Understanding the “Why” behind each of the 8 steps can lead you to a new world of fishing success and good decision making on the water.

Tips & Tricks

Are you and angler that wants to know everything about a fishing topic? If so, you will love our tips and tricls covering specific topics in a quick format.