Wind Waves & Weather

Weather, it’s coming at you every day you are fishing and changing weather is one of the most consistent things about fishing! Anglers deal with it daily, but not many really understand what is really happening, especially under the water. 

This month Captain Lance looks at weather in general and some very specific weather characteristics such as gyres, underwater currents, the Coriolis Effect and much more. Understanding how each of these weather patterns can affect your fishing is a key to being a consistent angler. 

We will also look at weather prediction, some weather apps you need to have available on the water and how to read weather charts and forecasts. Under the surface of the water is an entirely different world, especially as wind starts to blow, and Captain Lance looks at how the Coriolis Effect “moves” currents, how gyres set up and how they move fish, and how knowing what is happening underwater and how it moves fish will keep you one step ahead of other anglers.