What is Teachin Fishin?

Lance Valentine


If you’re an angler fishing has a special place in your life. Maybe it’s memories of fishing with family or friends, going to beautiful places, spending time on the water to clear your head or the simple joy of catching a fish. No matter what fishing means to you, there are 2 things that most anglers can agree on.

  • 1. Catching fish is fun
  • 2. Catching MORE fish is MORE fun

That is what our goal is at Teachin Fishin; helping anglers catch MORE fish, MORE often to get MORE enjoyment from their limited fishing time by providing fishing education and information that has been tested and proven over the years. Whether you are a new angler or a seasoned veteran, Teachin Fishin has information you can use right now to become a better angler. Our fishing education information is available in both written and video format and is available in quick snippets under a minute or in detailed courses that last several hours-all designed to be easy to understand and apply on the water.

The Recap Zone

Mother Nature was unkind to the 150 boats entered to fish the first stop of the 2024 Michigan Walleye Tour on the Saginaw River. Just a week prior the River was running normal and giving up 30lb baskets of 5 fish limits, but by midweek the weather had changed and fishing got tough.
Anglers were faced with faster than normal current, falling water on day 1 and rising water on day 2, cold air and water temps, inches of visibility in the muddy water, high winds and of course a little snow!
But like always, someone figures out the bite no matter how tough it is. Join Captain Lance as he recaps 2 tough days of fishing, what worked, some patterns that emerged and his thoughts on the tournament.
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Looking to purchase access to specific information? Maybe you are only interested in a certain topic? You can now purchase a single month of content on topics that you are interested in without having to become a member of the Anglers Club.