Library of Teachin Fishin Original DVD Seminars

Available again! The library of Teachin Fishin original DVD seminars are now available for streaming. Classic walleye fishing seminars such as “Weed Walleye”, “Heavy Current Walleye”, “Walleye Trolling Basics”, “Advanced Walleye Trolling”, “Sonar Interpretation – 2D” and “Understanding SideScan and DownScan”. Lance Valentine covers each walleye fishing topic with an eye toward the “why” to help you become a better angler no matter where you fish.

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**Streaming Access for  calendar year 2022


    Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin loves to catch walleye in the weeds! In this seminar, Lance cover the best weeds for walleye, understanding how weed walleye relate to cabbage, coontail and other green structure. Lance breaks down weed walleye patterns and some of his favorite presentations including slip bobbers, jigs with live bait, the “weed drift rig”, casting crankbaits, trolling crankbaits and more.

    Walleye love current, and heavy current like that in the Detroit River, St. Clair River, Saginaw River, Mississippi River, Niagara River, and more calls for specific boat control and fishing patterns. Join Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin as he shares his 3 plus decades of experience chasing walleye in heavy current. This seminar will cover boat control for heavy current, boat rigging for jigging, sonar and GPS usage in rivers and tips on locating walleye in current. Lance focuses on the core presentation for walleye in current, vertical jigging. Jigging rods, jigging reels, the right line for jigging, jig design for fishing in current, choosing the best plastics for walleye and current, using stinger hooks are all covered. The seminar wraps up with Lance explaining his favorite jigging techniques.

    Proper walleye trolling is not just driving around with lures behind the boat, and in this seminar Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin covers all you need to get started being a productive walleye troller. Picking the correct walleye trolling rod, line counter reel, trolling line and terminal tackle is essential, and Lance covers it all. The proper boat rigging for trolling, trolling rod holders, inline planer boards and trolling releases is also covered.

    The world of trolling for walleye has changed so much in the past decade it can be hard to keep up. Join Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin as he breaks down everything you need to know to catch more walleye while trolling. Lance provided in-depth explanations of lure depth control, setting a trolling spread, jet divers, inline weights, snap weights, diving discs, dipsey divers, tadpole trolling weights and more…
  • SONAR 2D

    The fastest way to catch more fish is to spend more time fishing where they live! In this seminar Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin uses his nearly 4 decades of studying sonar to help you with 2D sonar interpretation. In easy to understand examples, Lance explains how sonar works, best settings for you sonar, sonar cone angles, how fish arches work, high speed sonar readings, determining bottom hardness, identifying gamefish and baitfish, proper transducer installation and more…a “must see” for all anglers, using any brand of sonar!

    A recent arrival to the sonar scene, DownScan and SideScan have become wonderful tools to find more fish. Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin started using this new technology as soon as it was available and uses it everyday to help him catch more fish. All of Lance’s secrets to using SideScan and DownScan are uncovered in this seminar. Lance explains how SideScan works, how DownScan works, coverage areas of DownScan and SideScan, proper settings for DownScan and SideScan, how to interpret fish on SideScan and DownScan, using DownScan and SideScan at high speeds and so much more. If you invested in the technology, this is the best way to learn how to use it to it’s maximum potential!