Every walleye angler knows how effective jig fishing can be for walleye. Vertical jigging in current, casting jigs to shallow cover or working deep structure with a jig.

Picking The Best Fishing Line

Focus is on types of fishing line walleye anglers should know and what lines is best for each presentation

Our 8 Steps

Do you want to be a more consistent angler? Using a “system” for making fishing decisions on and off the water is the fastest way you can improve your fishing success.

8 Steps: The Breakdown 

Why is each step important? Understanding the “Why” behind each of the 8 steps can lead you to a new world of fishing success and good decision making on the water.

8 Steps: Application

What do you think about when you hit the water? You can become a better angler instantly by making angling choices based on fact not feeling, letting the fish tell you what they want

The 5P's

What makes a successful fishing trip? Believe it or not it starts with information you collect and analyze before your trip, making decisions during your trip and recording what happened after the trip.

Quick Courses

Join a group of anglers that enjoy learning fishing with short, focused courses. After the course, join in with a QA session and an open discussion of the current “fun” fishing topic.

Tips & Tricks

Are you and angler that wants to know everything about a fishing topic? If so, you will love our tips and tricls covering specific topics in a quick format.
Second Quarter

April - May - June

Feature Course

Weed Walleye
We have swaped out Sonar Interp to WEED WALLYE for our 2nd quearter course. Sonar Interp will be our 3rd feature Release in July.

The River

Throughout the Day

Capt. Lance has moved to the river to start his guide season. Coffee Hour will take a break, in its plave Capt. Lance will be doing live river updates on whats working, conditions and general "river stuff". You can find our prior Coffee Hours "HERE"

Definitive Course

Our final two course are now avialbe to reserve your seat.


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Feature Course Here 

Quarterly Feature Courses

Detroit River

On Demand & Live Q&A
You will learn Detroit River walleye movements, spawning habits and habitat, locations throughout the spring, key areas and the best presentations. Study the Class then join us for a LIVE Q&A.

Sonar Interp.

On Demand & Live Q&A
Finding walleye with sonar is critical to fishing success. Learn how sonar works, sonar interpretation, identifying fish and the best sonar settings.

Advanced Trolling

On Demand & Live Q&A
Topics covered include the right trolling rods, trolling reels and trolling line, depth control with crankbaits, inline weights, bottom bouncers and more. Using planer boards, setting a trolling spread and boat rigging are also covered.

Advanced GPS

On Demand & Live Q&A
Modern GPS units do so much more than just get you to your fishing spot. Waypoint management, custom mapping, plotting trolling passes and more are covered so you can get the most from your GPS unit.