June 2022

  • Casting for Walleye

When I first started doing fishing seminars in the 1990’s I needed a format to teach fishing that made sense. A formula that would help anglers prioritize factors, make better decisions, analyze information and make it easier to zero in on a pattern. I settled on the 8 steps in the early 2000’s and have taught it countless hundreds of times to countless thousands of anglers. The system is the foundation to EVERY decision I make on the water, from where and how deep to fish, to how fast to run and what my presentation should look like.

  • Cliff-Notes

    • Release Date
    • June 21 2022
    Putting the 8 steps into practice and action. How to use the information to have more fun on the water.
  • Live Q&A

    • Release Date
    • June 28 2022
    Live Q&A Session for Members only discussing the monthly topic on facebook.