Let’s meet Mark Pieniozek

Mark Pieniozek grew up on the Saginaw Bay and that was his playground as a kid, catching perch and smelt, then graduating to walleye for the last 47 years. Yes 47 years chasing walleye on one of Michigan’s great lake bays.

Captain Mark is a proven guide for both soft water and hard water (ICE), tournament walleye fisherman and air boat captain helping the coast guard with rescues during the season of ice. Let’s not forget Mark also guides during the fall duck season on that same body of water. To say Mark is knowledgeable on Saginaw bay is an understatement.

As a tournament angler Mark Pieniozek has wins on various bodies of water from the Saginaw Bay, to Lake Erie and the Detroit River. Jigging and trolling are his main methods of fishing but is growing to love casting for walleye as this method or technique takes hold across the great lakes for walleye.

As a guest speaker he brings his knowledge, motivation and sense of humor of fishing, education and care for the outdoors to the forefront. With serval industry leaders backing Mark with sponsorships, affiliations and product it becomes clear why Mark Pieniozek is a great choice to help you further your knowledge and learning experience chasing walleye across the great lakes of Michigan.